Terms and Agreements

By purchasing this subscription to Fantasy Mountain Board Gaming’s Demo Library you affirm and agree to the following:

  1. The subscriber is at least 18 years of age.
  2. No prorated nor complete refund will be given after the subscriber’s (or permissible user) initial use of the demo library.
  3. MSRP (and all related taxes) will be charged for any game not returned by the end of the subscription period and/or a potential loss of future demo library privileges.
  4. Check-out rights can be granted by the subscriber to one additional user by completing the appropriate FMBG permission form. In the event the subscriber would like to switch or remove check-out rights, any game checked-out by the additional user must be returned or paid for at MSRP (and all related taxes) beforehand. The subscriber assumes full monetary responsibility of any non-returned games at the end of the subscriber’s enrolled period.
  5. Check-out rights never expire and will resume in place once the subscription period has been renewed. Rights can be rescinded via email or in person.
  6. Fantasy Mountain Board Gaming (FMBG) is not responsible for any missing parts or pieces of each game. Once notified of a game with playable issues due to missing pieces, FMBG will work to restore its playability before returning it to their library.
  7. FMBG will in good faith maintain a working gaming library of at least 50 games.
  8. Game reservations are not allowed at this time.