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New Members, New Hours, and New Skittle Machine!

We’re growing! Please welcome Mallory Scott to the store the next time you see her! Mallory is a full-time banker and now a part-time general store assistant here at FMBG. She’s new to most board games like most of us, but loves the idea of the store and is also a good family friend.

You may have noticed the lights on at night on Tuesdays and that because we’re testing out new hours. Mallory and I can now work together to expand our hours of operation so keep an eye out for more changes and we’ll keep you posted too!

And last but not least, check out the new skittle machine now residing with the rest of the snacks! This machine is helping teach some local regulars to the store the concepts of running a business and investing. It’s decorated for Halloween for to the upcoming Halloween Bash on October 24th (mark your calendars!)

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FMBG Pokemon League

Starting this Saturday 9/7/2019 we will officially be starting our Pokemon League! I have enough spots for 10 players to join for this first ‘Season.’ There’s only about 6 spots left and first come first serve!

These weekly gatherings give players a chance to meet new people, learn what the game is all about, earn rewards, and practice with new cards/decks in a noncompetitive environment.  League members also gain access League Challenges and eventually compete in League Cups.

Each month is a new ‘Season’ with new rewards. Up next is September’s ‘Unified Minds – Season 2’

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Vote for you favorite Mini!

19 FABULOUS submissions to like and love on our new FMBG Facebook page. Vote for your favorite or like all of them! I can’t believe how great they all came out, but it shouldn’t really come as a surprise since I am constantly amazed at what the patrons here can accomplish. Tally begin 8PM Saturday Aug 7th, 2019 for the three Squad Leader positions in the newly formed FMBG-GO infantry unit. Check out the below video for a sneak peak of the competition..

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Painting Competition!

Starting now, come and grab a free mini to paint! I’m including a painting competition in FMBG’s GRAND OPENING(!) on August 31st. You can either paint them before the celebration at home or you can paint them the day of in-store and add to the display. There’s even going to be winners selected. I have $25, $15, and $10 FMBG giftcards for the minis with the most votes! After the 31st I’ll post them to Facebook and let the public vote for a week at which point the winners will be declared.

Also expect to see some free snacks, friendly tournaments, and quick games on our special day!

Warhammer 40000 – Space Marine
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Did you know whales like mountains?

Guess what!? We are now a Poké Stop! I hear Pokémon whales are liking hanging out around my store so come catch some (or all of them!) I wonder if the mountain is just in their migration patterns or if they just like it up here?? Lol. Getting this Poké stop just goes to show how great this community is. Do you know why? Because we didn’t even apply! That means someone out there on the mountain, some mega Pokémon magical person, submitted a request on our behalf. And we are sincerely appreciative to whoever that person is! Thank you!

Also news… we just went over 1000 items being stocked in the store! Lucky item number 1000 (Citadel Colour: Contrast: Guilliman Flesh) was part of the new line of paints now being sold at the shop. Games Workshop released some beautiful new Colour paints for quick army painting and I’ve only heard good things so far! I think you’ll be seeing these paints for a long time to come.

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Interested In Becoming a Mountain Master?

We welcome community members hosting gaming events in the store. In fact, we want to help you organize it. All you need to do is stop by the store and describe the event to the staff so we can post it to our Events page. From there we will make sure you have enough seats to accommodate your needs when the time arrives. Hosted events can be anything related to the ins-and-outs of gaming: Painting, Character Building, GM-ing (Game Master AKA Dungeon Master) an RPG, Teaching a Particular Game, etc. All hosts become honorary “Mountain Masters” after consenting to an incredibly simple ethics agreement!

“As a Mountain Master, I agree to promoting an inclusive gaming space that is also a safe space. Where a person or category of people can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or physical harm!”

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Signing in…

Can you even handle how great the sign turned out?? I know I can’t. I just can’t handle it. Professional Sign Services did such a wonderful job and were amazing to work with! They gave the design life and wow does it just pop. The day it went up so many heads started turning I was worried it might be a safety hazard! At this time, I couldn’t be more happy to have landed right here next to so many other wonderful businesses and within the very unique community. I hope we can add even more atmosphere to the already-atmospheric environment up here (it’s so foggy and mysterious up here! Love it!)

Looking forward to when I get reveal a little signage secret in the upcoming weeks…. : )

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What A Great First Day

Wow, somehow we managed to pull off an incredibly successful first day! Opened on time? Check! Made a sale? Check! Overheard a customer say “this is the coolest store ever!” Check! And even after we got home we had two more surprises waiting on us. The first was this lovely congratulatory Fan Art (see below) which arrived in the mail all the way from Belgium (talk about good timing!). And then to cap it all off we later realized we received our first review (a 5-star!). What a great first day…

Btw, winner goes to Pokemon for first sale!

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Currently Nope’n, Soon to be Open

April 13th hopefully if I am still standing : ). Let’s see, all I need to accomplish by then is: buy Demo-game shelving, hang stained glass, design bench area and make it happen, buy chairs, put price stickers on all inventory, hang more wall pegboard, buy drink cooler, figure out how to advertise, learn to play *every*single*game*in*the*store (Yikes : / and Yikes : )!)… learn to paint, and add even more game shelving. Is this why companies have grand openings months after they are already open?? Well if they can do it so can I! We are going on an adventure!