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Did you know whales like mountains?

Guess what!? We are now a Poké Stop! I hear Pokémon whales are liking hanging out around my store so come catch some (or all of them!) I wonder if the mountain is just in their migration patterns or if they just like it up here?? Lol. Getting this Poké stop just goes to show how great this community is. Do you know why? Because we didn’t even apply! That means someone out there on the mountain, some mega Pokémon magical person, submitted a request on our behalf. And we are sincerely appreciative to whoever that person is! Thank you!

Also news… we just went over 1000 items being stocked in the store! Lucky item number 1000 (Citadel Colour: Contrast: Guilliman Flesh) was part of the new line of paints now being sold at the shop. Games Workshop released some beautiful new Colour paints for quick army painting and I’ve only heard good things so far! I think you’ll be seeing these paints for a long time to come.