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My first shipment

My first shipment of inventory came today! Of course I missed it and instead got a big UPS “where are you?” sticker stuck to my door, but I almost got it! I can still sleep happily though knowing it is all likely snuggled tightly together down the mountain in the waiting facility. So, it was a big day overall for orders. In addition to some exciting Kickstarter Retailer pledges I’ve made I also signed up for some big partnerships. Tons of board games are now slowly making their way to mountain top shelves near you (well, if you live close to Chattanooga that is.) Walls have paint, lights seem to be working properly now, locks have been changed, bathroom is clean. Next stop: shelving, shelving, shelving. I’ll be giving my shop a good long stare tomorrow and hopefully the shelving will come to me. So many decisions!